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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how your personal information is collected and used in HouseModeller3D for Macintosh and in the HouseModeller3D web pages.

No Data Collected by the Application

The HouseModeller3D application does not collect any personal data, nor does it have access to any.

All settings and documents are stored in the local computer or in locations under your control. Nothing is sent to Semafor Software.

Semafor Software does not know who buyers are unless they choose to contact us.

Data Collected When Using HouseModeller3D Web Pages

When you visit the HouseModeller3D web site, we learn information provided by your browser, such as IP address, date and time of request, web browser, and operating system. We do not collect this data or store it for future use. We do not track browsing. We do not use cookies.

If you send us an inquiry, we receive the same browser information in an e-mail. You also send us your e-mail address, which we use to answer your inquiry. E-mail addresses are not used for anything other than answering inquiries.


If you have questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us at post@semafor.no.

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